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Coming Soon …

We’re working on a major exhibition on Jacquetta and landscape for this autumn –  a very exciting opportunity to bring her work to larger audiences than could ever visit the Archive!  More details soon …


Jacquetta and J.B.’s Rainbow Journey

This week’s entry in the 100 Objects exhibition is one of Jacquetta’s most interesting publications: Journey Down a Rainbow (1955).  In this account of a visit to New Mexico in 1954, she shared the narration with her new husband J.B. Priestley, who visited Texas.  The couple wanted to examine the impact of technology on society via the surviving prehistoric cultures of New Mexico and the growing consumer society of Texas: the fascinating results make for a highly readable and thought-provoking book.  More detail and pictures via the exhibition link above.

Fantastic Finds about Film and Festivals: new handlist available!

We are delighted to announce the publication online of the latest edition of the Handlist of the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive, June 2011.  In response to demand from users, certain sections of the archive have been listed in much more detail for this new edition, which is almost twice as long as its predecessor of 2010.

The sections which have been most improved are,

  • Typescripts and correspondence concerning Jacquetta’s film about sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Figures in a landscape (HAW 4/8).
  • Correspondence on Jacquetta’s role in creating the Origins of the British People exhibit at the 1951 Festival of Britain (HAW 10/13).
  • Two sections of correspondence with other archaeologists and institutions (HAW 10/11, 10/16).
  • Files on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: Jacquetta and her husband J.B. Priestley were instrumental in its founding and early activities (HAW 13/4-6).

These detailed new lists will really help potential users assess whether the Archive is relevant to them.  Many thanks to Special Collections Assistant John Brooker, who did a splendid job with the new listing.