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100 Objects

100 objects Bradford is a new online exhibition from Special Collections, curated by Alison Cullingford and inspired of course by the British Museum/BBC series.  Each week meet one of the most important or interesting items from Special Collections.

The first object is the University’s Charter, on display outside the admin office in J.B. Priestley Library.  Thanks to “Red” Ted Edwards, our first Vice-Chancellor, the Charter includes a commitment to using knowledge for human welfare, which led to the founding of Peace Studies, and still appears today in ecoversity and other projects.  The image shows Ted with the Charter.

Several of the objects chosen will be from the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive.  Others will be relevant to her ideas, for instance about campaigning, peace, sustainability and the importance of nature, or to archaeology.  In particular, the overall motif of the exhibition, the idea that 100 individual objects can be known and understood, and used to make wider concepts friendly to audiences, ties in with Jacquetta’s writings about the importance of objects.