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Music for a Bowed Oscillator

The re-appearance of A Land is leading to all sorts of exciting new connections for Jacquetta’s work.  I was intrigued to learn about this piece by David Ap Martlet inspired by re-reading A Land.


Castaway Jacquetta

I recently came across this BBC web page about Jacquetta Hawkes’s appearance on Desert Island Discs, 15 November 1980.  Alas, the broadcast itself is not available, but the page lists her choices of records (Elgar, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Guys and Dolls), book (Goethe) and luxury (wine).   She chose two amusing records, Peter Sellers’ comedy sketch Balham: Gateway to the South, and a recording of her husband, J.B. Priestley, on Smoking in a Hot Bath.   I think it’s lovely that she chose a piece by him and one which is so characteristic of his writing and his personality.  It is currently available in print in Delight, J.B.’s collection of mini essays about things that made him happy.  It contains many of his best-loved pieces, including two of my favourites, Gin and Tonic 1940 and Quietly Malicious Chairmanship.


King Tut’s Wonderful Trumpets

“Among the “wonderful things” Howard Carter described as he peered by candlelight into the newly discovered tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 were two trumpets, one silver and one bronze …”

An article on the BBC website by Jacquetta Hawkes’ biographer, Dr Christine Finn, explores the story of these extraordinary survivals, and how one was lost – and found.  The article includes a 1939 recording of one actually being played!   Dr Finn looks at how archaeologists are working with other ancient musical instruments and recreating historic music without harming the artefacts.  You can hear more on Ghost Music, a BBC Radio 4 programme to be broadcast on Tuesday 19 April at 1.30, repeated on Saturday 23 April at 3.30 and available on the BBC iplayer.