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“A Land” has Landed

Here’s our copy of the new edition of A Land by Jacquetta Hawkes, just out from Harper Collins, on show in the Reading Room.  We’re so excited that this wonderful book is in print again at last and hope it will delight many readers new to Jacquetta’s unique mix of archaeology, geology, history and personal insights into the landscape of Britain.


“A Flamboyant History of Planet England”: A Land is back in print

In Saturday’s Guardian Review, Robert MacFarlane re-reads A Land and reflects on its continuing power and its author’s fascinating life.  MacFarlane introduces a new edition of the book, due out shortly in the Collins Natural Library, which describes it as a classic piece of British nature writing (here it is on Amazon).  While A Land is readily found in libraries and the second-hand trade, having been a huge seller in its time, its reappearance in print (and electronically!) is very exciting.  This will bring it to new audiences and encourage further discussion of its qualities.

“No-one has ever written more beautifully …”

Nice to see A Land by Jacquetta Hawkes chosen by writer Adam Nicolson as one of the five best books about England in this short piece from yesterday’s Daily Telegraph.  He suggests an interesting comparison with a book new to me, Taylor on English Building, which he says see buildings (and stone) as the “autobiography of the country”.  Interesting stuff.