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Discover Jacquetta’s story via Unbound

Exciting news!  “Ice without, fire within”, Dr Christine Finn’s biography of Jacquetta Hawkes is being published via crowdfunding publisher Unbound. This offers an opportunity for readers to engage with the long overdue first biography of this fascinating woman.  Dr Finn follows in Jacquetta’s footsteps, and draws on her unique access to and knowledge of Jacquetta’s archive to trace her work from its origins in Cambridge to her celebrity status in London in postwar Britain.

If you are interested in archaeology, poetry, literature, culture, women, television, campaigning, nuclear issues … this book could be for you.  Take a look at the ‘pledges’, from e-books to talks and help make this book happen.



Excavating an excavator

Christine Finn viewing the Hawkes Archive on arrival

Christine Finn viewing the Hawkes Archive on arrival

Jacquetta’s official biographer is Dr Christine Finn, Writer Fellow at the J.B. Priestley Library.  Christine is herself an archaeologist and writer, and shares Jacquetta’s humanistic and passionate response to the deep past.  She compares the process of studying Jacquetta’s Archive to archaeology, going through layers and recreating past lives.  As part of our celebrations of Jacquetta’s centenary in 2010, Christine will lecture on this theme at the Society of Antiquaries on 28 January 2010.

Christine’s online biography of Jacquetta, hosted by Stanford University.