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Jacquetta Online Castaway

Now online: Jacquetta Hawkes talking to Roy Plomley for Desert Island Discs, 15 November 1980, about her life and archaeology.   So pleased that this has been made available.  It is absolutely fascinating to hear her!



Castaway Jacquetta

I recently came across this BBC web page about Jacquetta Hawkes’s appearance on Desert Island Discs, 15 November 1980.  Alas, the broadcast itself is not available, but the page lists her choices of records (Elgar, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Guys and Dolls), book (Goethe) and luxury (wine).   She chose two amusing records, Peter Sellers’ comedy sketch Balham: Gateway to the South, and a recording of her husband, J.B. Priestley, on Smoking in a Hot Bath.   I think it’s lovely that she chose a piece by him and one which is so characteristic of his writing and his personality.  It is currently available in print in Delight, J.B.’s collection of mini essays about things that made him happy.  It contains many of his best-loved pieces, including two of my favourites, Gin and Tonic 1940 and Quietly Malicious Chairmanship.


Dr Finn reports from Egypt

Jacquetta Hawkes’ biographer, Dr Christine Finn, continues to work as a journalist specialising in archaeological news stories.  Her latest is a BBC Radio 4 From our own Correspondent broadcast on looting of archaeological treasures in Egypt.  It is available on the iplayer (Dr Finn’s story is Chapter 3).