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Beautiful, Inspiring, Moving: responses to Woman in Time

“Woman in Time”, our spoken word event based on the diaries and poems of Jacquetta Hawkes, went down ever so well.  Waterstones Bradford cafe was the perfect location, with a view of beautiful books and plenty of delicious cakes and coffee.  We got some lovely feedback – this cloud shows the words our audience used to describe the event.


Huge thank you to the British Science Association for funding this project and to Waterstones Bradford for being such lovely hosts.  And of course Tori Herridge for having the idea for this event and making it happen.  We are investigating possible venues for a repeat performance in London sometime soon … cake is a must of course.


Woman in Time

Woman in Time

Waterstones Bradford, 18 March 2015, 7-8 pm


Join Tori Herridge and me (Alison Cullingford) for Woman in Time, an exploration of humanity from its earliest days through to the turbulent middle years of the 20th Century.  We use poetry and spoken word performance to tell stories of three women. One of these women died, one went on to great things, and one disappeared.  Their lives intersected on one day 80 years ago …

Part of British Science Week.  Find out more on their website and register via eventbrite here.

Three Women in Time: poetry and science in March 2015

In March 2015, an event in Bradford will explore the stories of humanity from its earliest days through to the turbulent middle years of the 20th Century, using poetry and spoken word performance to tell stories of three women whose paths met on Mount Carmel in 1932. One of these women died, one went on to great things, and one disappeared.   Jacquetta Hawkes was the second of the three … here’s a glimpse of her take on the experience.

HAW18_3_26_44 Jacquetta Hawkes and Dorothy Garrod with donkeys

Jacquetta Hawkes and Dorothy Garrod with donkeys

We’re thrilled to share the news that Special Collections at the University of Bradford and Trowelblazers have been awarded a grant by the British Science Association for this event, Woman in Time.  Watch this space for more details!

Bleached Bone and Living Wood

Not a story directly about Jacquetta Hawkes, yet I think there are echoes of her interests.  Dr Christine Finn recently broadcast about a house transformed into a work of art.   The poet Wilfred Owen wrote his last letter to his family  in the cellar of a forester’s house in Ors in Northern France on 31 October 1918.  He was killed on the 4th.  The house is now a tribute to Owen’s life and poetry.  For pictures and more, see the Radio 4 page about the broadcast, which is currently available on the iPlayer.


A Land – Then and Now

Delighted to see A Land featured in this week’s Times Literary Supplement.  Norman Nicholson’s 22 June 1951 review of Jacquetta Hawkes’ masterpiece is reprinted in the Then and Now section.  He was impressed! The review sums up what made the book unique: Jacquetta’s scientific knowledge plus her imaginative engagement with the deep past.

“As a story alone it would be immensely exciting, but Mrs Hawkes conveys much more than the excitement.  She sees it all as if it were happening now.  To her the past is not over and done with; it is alive in the present, as the child is alive in the man.”

New Look Jacquetta

Here’s a new look for the site, using the Coraline theme.  This is popular with many archives for their blogs, because its clean strong design enables the images and colours of the archive to take centre stage.  It is also very widget-friendly (that’s the functions down the side, for those who don’t blog), offering more ways to search and share stories.

Jacquetta Hawkes and Laurie Lee, 1950

Jacquetta Hawkes and Laurie Lee, 1950

And as the site has a new look, I thought I’d show you one of my favourite images of Jacquetta, wearing the New Look style of the late 1940s.  Taken in 1950, it shows her with the poet Laurie Lee.  We don’t know who took the photograph.  On the back is written, “After the Cocktail Party / Two poets in the dark”.  Jacquetta had published her heartfelt poems in Symbols and Speculations the previous year.  As always her clothes are gorgeous and stylish, but unusually it is not a good photograph of her: normally she was very photogenic.   I blame the Cocktail Party.

Words, Land, and Landscape at Ilkley Literature Festival

Just announced: the 2010 Ilkley Literature Festival programme includes several events celebrating the centenary of Jacquetta Hawkes.  More detail about buying tickets etc available from the Festival website.

Tuesday 28 September-Sunday 31 October 2010, Manor House Museum. Celebrating Jacquetta Hawkes.  An exhibition in which I use the treasures of the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive to tell her fascinating story. (Event no. 2).

Wednesday 6 October 2010. 6.30-8 pm, Manor House Museum.  Private view: special chance to enjoy the above exhibition and Faces of Poetry, also on show in the Manor House.  (Event no. 54).

Wednesday 6 October 7.45 pm,  Ilkley Playhouse Wildmans.  Old Land, New Land: a journey through Jacquetta Hawkes’ poetic geography. Dr Christine Finn, Jacquetta’s biographer,  introduces Figures in a Landscape, an experimental film about Barbara Hepworth scripted by Jacquetta Hawkes and continuing the fusion of literature and geology shown in her masterpiece, A Land. (Event no. 55).

Saturday 16 October 7.30 pm,  St Margaret’s Hall.  Jacquetta Hawkes and her Circle. Dr Finn and Dr Jon Wood of the Henry Moore Institute discuss the art, film and poetry scene of the 1950s (Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland, Festival of Britain) and Jacquetta’s involvement. (Event no. 165).

The Stanza Stones project, collaborating with Simon Armitage, will draw creative inspiration from the Pennine landscape, linking beautifully with our exploration of similar ideas in the 1950s.