Her Brilliant Career: ten extraordinary women

Jacquetta Hawkes joins a cavalcade of extraordinary women from the 1950s in a new book by Observer journalist Rachel Cooke: Her Brilliant Career (Virago, 31 October 2013).  Like those of rally car driver Sheila van Damm and writer Nancy Spain, Jacquetta’s professional and personal lives were far removed from those of the stereotypical Fifties homemaker.

Rachel made extensive use of the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive in her research, and we are thrilled that her book will help bring Jacquetta’s amazing story to new audiences.

Full details of the book on the Little Brown website.

Get a taste of this fascinating book via the Guardian: meet film makers Muriel and Betty Box.

Afternoon tea with Rachel Cooke, 17 October 2013 at the Manchester Literary Festival.


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