Dr Finn reports from Egypt

Jacquetta Hawkes’ biographer, Dr Christine Finn, continues to work as a journalist specialising in archaeological news stories.  Her latest is a BBC Radio 4 From our own Correspondent broadcast on looting of archaeological treasures in Egypt.  It is available on the iplayer (Dr Finn’s story is Chapter 3).


One response to “Dr Finn reports from Egypt

  1. I have a question concerning Jacquetta Hawkes’ ideas concerning Egypt and early agriculture. In her Summary Charts, she indicates the use of “Irrigation” with a long bar as early as 5000-3000 period. However the “Agriculture” bar is non-existent in all the periods except a tiny bar in 8000-5000 period. Why does she suggest that Egypt did not have agriculture when clearly they did? Does anyone else wonder about her thoughts on this? thx

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