New Look Jacquetta

Here’s a new look for the site, using the Coraline theme.  This is popular with many archives for their blogs, because its clean strong design enables the images and colours of the archive to take centre stage.  It is also very widget-friendly (that’s the functions down the side, for those who don’t blog), offering more ways to search and share stories.

Jacquetta Hawkes and Laurie Lee, 1950

Jacquetta Hawkes and Laurie Lee, 1950

And as the site has a new look, I thought I’d show you one of my favourite images of Jacquetta, wearing the New Look style of the late 1940s.  Taken in 1950, it shows her with the poet Laurie Lee.  We don’t know who took the photograph.  On the back is written, “After the Cocktail Party / Two poets in the dark”.  Jacquetta had published her heartfelt poems in Symbols and Speculations the previous year.  As always her clothes are gorgeous and stylish, but unusually it is not a good photograph of her: normally she was very photogenic.   I blame the Cocktail Party.


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