Land Revisited

Fay Godwin (1931-2005) photographed and wrote about landscape in a way that reminds me of Jacquetta Hawkes’s work. An exhibition which opened recently at the National Media Museum in Bradford revisits Godwin’s 1985 exhibition and book Land, a series of black and white images of British landscapes.  Curator Colin Harding said that she “was able to capture the differing moods and textures of the British landscape with remarkable sensitivity and without sentimentality”.

Godwin photographed and worked with well-known writers including Ted Hughes and Angela Carter.  She was president of the Ramblers’ Association in the late 1980s, campaigning for greater public access to the British countryside.  Her book Our forbidden land (1990) combines her photography with a detailed and passionate argument against the closure of the countryside.

Further information about the exhibition, which is open till March 2011.

Website about Fay Godwin.  Includes biography, lists of her exhibitions and books, and an essay by Philip Stokes reflecting on her work on the politics of land use.




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