How Long is Now?

Jacquetta Hawkes was inspired by the remarkable long story of the growth of human thought.  With the development of the hydrogen bomb in the late 1950s, she feared that this story would come to a catastrophic end.   Along with her husband J.B. Priestley, she played a key role in the founding of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  More detail in The Priestleys and the Bomb, an article I wrote in 02005.

Dr Christine Finn will discuss Jacquetta’s ideas about the Bomb and the future at a meeting of Long Now London on 3 November 02010.

Note the five digit dates!  Writing years in this way is one of the ways the Long Now project encourages creative long-term thinking (I do this occasionally to make a point!).   They are also working on a 10,000 year Clock and Library.

I am delighted to have a reason to write about Long Now.  As a curator of unique and rare archives and books, I am used to thinking long-term, to preserve these treasures for future generations.  I particularly enjoyed  Neal Stephenson’s novel Anathem, which imagines Long Now ideas into a superb, exciting story.


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