Return to Primrose Hill

Jacquetta Hawkes lived in Primrose Hill, London, from 1939 until her marriage to J.B. Priestley in 1953.  Her most famous book, A Land, begins with her lying on the turf of her back garden, thinking about the land below: “Not far below the topsoil is the London Clay, which, as Primrose Hill, humps up conspicuously at the end of the road”.  Primrose Hill is the starting point for A Land’s unforgettable, unclassifiable journey around Britain’s geology, archaeology, nature and landscape.

Dr Christine Finn will lead an event covering the important place of Primrose Hill in Jacquetta’s life and writings on Monday 2 August 2010.  Dr Finn will give a brief talk at Chalk Farm Library, Sharpleshall Street, NW1 at 6.30pm.  She will then take the group up Primrose Hill, along Fitzroy Road where Jacquetta lived, followed by readings and discussion at the top of the Hill.


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